And even if our steps in this world were often made heavy by human behaviour, it has been the dogs themselves who have given us back the wings and the strength to go on.


They gave us the strength to go on submitting them to the judgment of the specialists in order to get their approval of our progress as breeders and dog owners, the strength to be monitored but also to be gain awards for the excellent quality of our dogs.


Vanity is the word used or the thought in the mind of all those who look at matters to do with dogs from a certain distance and of those who consider that a dog cannot fill human life with hope, or bring calm to the human soul.


Mounting the pedestal is not a springboard for the exaltation of the ego; it is not just an opportunity to promote ourselves, it is the reward for our toil and efforts, the confirmation of the breeder’s progress and his right choices. It is the confirmation that our dogs worthily continue the work of those who passed us the baton, of those who gave us the order to go on, of all those who constituted the models, of the Labrador and Golden Retriever breeds.

Photo gallery of JUDGMENT