Memories go by slowly, indolently, like a sweet dream, on a winter night, when, sitting by the fire, we look at the trophies, trying to remember who won them and where. And all of a sudden, the night fills with moments, the trophies take on life, they take a shape and start narrating the past to us. Each one of them represents a dog, each one represents a moment, a smile, a tear of happiness or pride perhaps, acknowledgment.


So they are not, just shiny, elaborate objects designed to be shown off. They represent our own past, they are the moments that we have lived, they represent a course we have followed, full of endeavours, efforts and anxieties, a course full of travel, a course full of sorrows but also many joys. They are the lives of our dogs, parts of our own lives.


And so we need these shiny, elaborate objects, not in order to exhibit them, but in order to keep our memory alive. We need them to map out our future course responsibly, without forgetting our initial vision. We need them to remember the good moments so as to draw the strength to go on. We need them to remind us that our life has not been empty. Because, in the end, we are doing what we love and what we love a lot: being Golden and Labrador breeders !

Photo gallery of THE REWARDS