We ‘demanded’ that our dogs tolerate us when we took them to the morphology shows. We ‘demanded’ that they put up with us when we trained them outside the rings and that they totally obey us inside them.


We tried to do our best during the morphology trials and demanded that our dogs present their best in character and build. We joined forces and often got tired together. But the purpose of this effort was important in man-dog relations and also sincere from a human point of view.


For us, the morphology shows are not a way to earn our living; they have never been a means of professional advancement, nor do we consider them a kind of vanity. Our participation in them, as a form of expression and ideology, takes on meaning and substance when we consider that comparison and criticism are the only way towards the proper continuation and development of Labradors and Goldens.

Morphology exhibitions are a need for those who are interested in dogs, they are the cornerstone that supports not only breeding but also general interest in dogs all over the world.