‘The Dog, Man’s loyal friend!’ An ancient realisation, an expression, with no discrimination of breed, full of love and trust. However, human values, human needs, human particularities perhaps, have divided and classified dogs into groups and breeds.

Retrievers! The group of dogs whose characteristic it is to bring back to man whatever they think has escaped him. And they do that with love, joy and passion. They do it because they can and want to serve him, and they want that because they trust and love him, and they love him because they are born to love man. They do it with just a caress in return, some company, nothing more.

Labradors and Goldens! For us, ‘M.C. of Palmhill’, these breeds are the jewel of the retriever group. Kind and noble, friendly, proud, playful and beautiful!

You feel joy and satisfaction when you get Goldens and Labradors excellent in quality. You feel satisfaction and pride when you contribute to their creation, you feel pride and happiness when you provide those who truly need them with healthy puppies perfectly formed. Those who need them in order to achieve psychological and mental balance. Those who want to get closer to nature and embrace life beyond narrow human bounds.

It was those feelings of joy, satisfaction and pride that led our steps to the grandeur of breeding Labradors and Golden Retrievers.

And this is how the dream started!

Photo gallery of THE VISION